A Letter from the Secretary General

Dear Delegates, Advisors and Guests,

As Secretary General, it is a pleasure to be able to welcome you to the 5th annual King’s Academy Model United Nations Conference held in Madaba-Manja, Jordan. As a testament to Jordan’s position as the safe haven in the most politically active region in the world, KAMUN 2015, through its debates, hopes to embody the principles of effective peace-building and genuine compassion that this country has come to be known for.

The theme chosen for the conference is more than a piece of optimistic rhetoric. “Justice: For All?” is a theme and a question that we pose to ourselves and the conference, one which we all will be a step closer to answering by the end of this KAMUN 2015.

Scenes of injustice, of slaughter of helpless people, of deep-rooted corruptions, of misuse of power, of the prejudice of the media, strike a primal indignation within us. Seeing irresponsible regimes massacre the children and the helpless, and military power used as rationales for inhumane cruelty makes our blood boil, getting us itching to do something about it as we scream in our heads “WHY” such unjustifiable actions take place. It’s this visceral reaction to injustice that makes us all human. We want to be there to make that change for humanity’s sake.

And we feel angry and sad simultaneously because we feel powerless. If we could, we would fly into the TV and grab that unprincipled brute by the collar. But we can’t, and sometimes we feel powerless as we tend to think that it’s the select few that can mobilize troops, sign treaties, and end wars. But as we antagonize the “powerful” for being bystanders while injustice spurs on, we tend to forget how powerful we actually are. It may be governments that make headline decisions, but it’s up to the conscious and the aware to perpetuate it. And it’s also up to the conscious and aware to initiate it.

This is where the irony lies, where the majority of the population, of those who think and care, of those who are powerful, delegate their powers to the few. Instead, let’s choose to be critical, conscious, and active. Let’s not watch scenes of injustice and tremble in anger, but channel that anger, passion, and humanity into change.

Because injustice is indeed everywhere, unfortunately, and justice is nowhere from even being defined. Where might seems to be right and power isn’t always afforded to the conscious and upstanding, will justice ever be achievable for everyone? And does everyone deserve it?

History seems to have waved its head at both of these questions, but we, as the conscious generation, must look past what history books tell us the world should be. To do this and to be able to answer the question with a resounding “YES”, we will utilize the power of discussion through MUN. Through engaged debates and reasoned interactions, we will put global issues under the scrutiny of our capable minds. By the end of the conference, we might not have stopped the bullets around the world, but we will have become people who can, one day, do it. And when our generation is the one to lead, we will be ready.

Such is the commitment of KAMUN 2015. Located in the historically rich crossroads of the Middle East, Jordan is home to breathtaking landmarks of Petra, Jerash, and Wadi Rum. The experience as delegates, established by the strong debate that characterizes KAMUN, will be further enriched by the variety of cultural activities in Jordan we will be partaking in during the conference. Apart from the beautiful sites that mark Jordan, we will also be introduced to the brutal yet crucial reality of the region, with visits and service interactions with the refugee camps, through which we will achieve an understanding of the apparent complexity of the issues that plague the region. Participants of KAMUN will not only understand the state of world affairs as the debates in the multitude of forums rage on, but will also understand what exactly Jordan and the Middle East is, and the spirit of the Arab world that fill the headlines of newspapers today.

As part of the secretariat team, I sincerely hope to see you all at KAMUN’15 on the 19th of February. Let us prove through the power of discussion that justice is indeed for all, and that we will be the ones to make it so.

Sun Woo (James) Kim
Secretary General, KAMUN’15