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What is KAMUN?

Held in our beautiful campus in Jordan, King's Academy MUN conference is one of the largest MUN conferences in the country and is known for its professionalism and strong debates.


KAMUN takes extensive measures to ensure stimulating debates. Delegates will also engage in an immersive cultural experience of Jordan as they learn about the reality of the region.

Our History

KAMUN2015, our fifth annual conference, marks the culmination of our international, expanding MUN conference since we were initiated in 2008 with a dedication to a high standard of debate.


The leadership team cordially invites you to our annual conference. Meet our secretariat team and learn more about this year's chosen conference theme, "Justice: For All?"

About Jordan

Jordan, the safe haven of the Middle East, is known for its beautiful historical sites, rich culture, and the Arab hospitality, all of which you will experience at this year's conference.

Conference Details

All of the carefully organized logistics of this year's conference are listed here. Learn more about our schedule, excursions, accomodations, and the features that make KAMUN unique.

Justice: For All?

Is it even possible? What is justice anyway?

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Meet the secretariat and read what they have to say.

Team 1

Abdulrahman Jamjoom

Deputy Secretary General

Team 1

James Kim

Secretary General

Team 1

Laila Mowafi

Deputy Secretary General

Team 1

Mr. Andrew Lehto


Team 1

Ms.Yin Guan


Video Profile

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History, Culture,  Hospitality

Location and History

An Arab country in the Middle East bordered by Syria to the north, Iraq to the east, Saudi Arabia to the south, and Palestine to the west, Jordan has been at the center of the rich histories of the Arab world since the time of the Romans. Read More.


Home to breathtaking heritage and natural sites, Jordan is #4 on Lonely Planet's top ten countries to visit. Petra, the city carved into the cliffs, Jerash, the ancient city of the Romans, and Wadi Rum, the beautiful desert valley, will all be part of the cultural experience and excursions at KAMUN. Read More.

Travel and Safety

Jordan was characterized by Lonely Planet as "very safe to visit and travel around; remarkably so considering the turmoil, restrictions and difficulties in other nearby countries," and is always welcoming to travellers and tourists. Learn more about the travel and accommodation options in Jordan. Read More.


How many delegates have already prepared and connected with their chairs?

  • General Assembly A
  • General Assembly B
  • Economic and Social Council
  • Disarmament Commission
  • Human Rights Council
  • Security Council
  • Arab League
  • International Court of Justice
  • International Criminal Court
  • Jordanian Model Parliament

Hear what our presidents and organizers have to say.

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  • MUN to me is an opportunity to discuss in depth the events taking place outside our lives at school to which we are often confined to.

    Seung Jung Sohn, President, ECOSOC
  • To me, MUN provides a perfect opportunity for young bright minds to participate in intellectual discourse and to exchange ideas on how to solve real-world issues.

    Faisal Alami, President, Disarmament Commission
  • To many MUN is merely an activity in which they participate in once a year; to me however it is much more: MUN is an opportunity to discuss fundamental issues and debate relevant topics in today's world.

    Bilal Abu Ghazaleh, President of the Courts
  • MUN to me is a place where exchange of ideas regarding controversial and significant issues is possible.

    Wasan Al Dalabeeh, President, Jordanian Model Parliament
  • We're not going to solve world hunger during this conference, but we'll show that there's hope in our generation to be able to do so.

    Jalil Khoury, President, General Assembly A
  • MUN is a chance for students across the world to come together for the common cause of promoting transnational unity.

    Amelia Kenna, President, Human Rights Commission
  • I’m listening to Tchaikovsky’s 1812-Overture, and all I can think of is glory – but don’t worry, that’s not all what KAMUN means to me. KAMUN isn’t not about competing, taking down your opponents, and getting to the top – it’s about helping others get to the top with you. Through a combination of learning, teaching, empathizing – and most importantly, debating – KAMUN means working hard, and finally listening to those cannons as they gloriously reward our efforts.

    Rami Rustom, President of the ICC
  • To me, MUN is a chance to make friends, practice debate, and assume a political standing that may one day become a reality.

    Sammy Abdulrahim, President, Security Council
  • To the delegates of my forum, I promise a stimulating and sincere debate regarding the complex causes and solutions for the grave issues the world faces today from which one can discover the different perspectives and interests of the various parts of the world.

    Seung Jung Sohn, President, ECOSOC
  • In my forum, I will provide thought-provoking debate on controversial topics involving disarmament, and the delegates will learn a lot about global issues in international politics, hone your debating skills, and make long-lasting friendships.

    Faisal Alami, President, Disarmament Commission
  • By participating in the courts, you will not only enjoy every minute of it and regret that horrible day you left, you will experience such vivacious debates with the most intellectual people you have ever met that you will leave feeling like a highly developed and different person.

    Bilal Abu Ghazaleh, President of the Courts
  • I promise the delegates in my forum that they will be participating in an extremely heated, intense, and respectful debate. Jordan Model Parliament will give them an MUN experience they won’t forget.

    Wasan Al Dalbeeh, President, Jordanian Model Parliament
  • The delegates will engage in the most intense General Assembly debate they've ever experienced.

    Jalil Khoury, President, General Assembly A
  • The beacons are lit... Let's get the real work done.

    Bilal Abu Ghazaleh, President of the Courts


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