A Letter from the Secretary General

Dear Delegates, Advisors and Guests,

Welcome to the fourth annual conference of King’s Academy Model United Nations! This year’s KAMUN conference, much like its predecessor, will be held on King’s Academy’s very own campus, and rightly so. A member of the G20 group of schools, King’s Academy is the result of the vision of His Majesty King Abdullah II of Jordan who desired a school that not only educated, but also instilled the qualities of respect, responsibility, global citizenship, an integrated life, alongside with the love of learning within each one of its students. At KAMUN, we aim to embed these very qualities within others around the world through the enriching experience of debate.

In terms of respect, delegates at KAMUN participate in highly organized discourse that follows the standard procedures of the United Nations itself, and in doing so, all participants develop a feeling of respect to other debaters. In terms of responsibility, delegates will zealously represent their nations, taking into account the ideas and views of their peoples. Delegates are also responsible for teaching fellow peers and adults how to actively discuss the highly controversial issues debated in our forums. In doing so, our delegates bear the great responsibility of eradicating stereotypes, and interacting with people from around the world to form vital bridges between cultures.

What motivates our delegates to keep debate going after hours of formalized debate on a single issue? In the past, the high quality and intense debate at KAMUN has created a sense of passion with our delegates, a passion that has given our participants the desire to keep discussions alive. Most importantly, this conference has instilled the passion of learning more about the world and solving its pressing issues within our delegates.

But what really excites me about this year’s conference, and what really differentiates KAMUN’14 from its predecessors is our bold move to expand the conference in a variety of ways. This year’s conference will be the largest compared to those of its kind, not only in terms of the number of delegates attending, but also in terms of the number of forums. Through the efforts of our enthusiastic team, we have included four new committees for this year’s conference. These include the two specialized forums: the Model Jordanian Parliament, which aims to resolve the critical issues of our host nation of Jordan, and the United States National Security Council, which will include the American President’s most trusted secretaries and advisors. Another addition this year is the Human Rights Commission, which aims to solve the unjust acts of peoples and organizations around the world, as well as the International Criminal Court, which serves to prosecute the most heinous of international leaders. All our new forums will stand by those that have been represented at KAMUN in the past, like The General Assembly, The Economic and Social Council, The Disarmament commission, The Arab League, The International Court of Justice, The Crisis Committee and The Crisis Team.

We sincerely hope to see you at King’s Academy on the 13th of February. May constructive debate lead us to a stronger future!

Ashir Mehra
Secretary General, KAMUN’14